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Put your holiday accommodation on werego.com for only 7 cents per day!

You decide how many days you buy yourself so you're not limited to expensive year packages.

You decide when you want to advertise.

How does it work?

- Register using the form below

- Go to your account to "buy credits" and fill in the number of days you want to advertise eg for a last-minute campaign

- Pay simply and securely via Paypal or bank transfer

- Set your ad with photos and videos using our super simple system

- Save your ad and your ad is on the internet!

- If you decide not to advertise for a periode we just keep your data safely stored on our server.

What are the benefits of Werego?

- Daily many visitors.

- Nice and clean appearance of your property.

- Very easy to use for your customers.

- Adding 15 pictures and a video on youtube or upload your own video.

- Mention your own website, so a free link to your site, which also makes your site again stronger in google and other search engines.

- Easy payment through paypal and bank transfer

- We use search engine optimization and work with Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter

That gives you the guarantee that is found werego.com high in the ranking of Google search engine. Just as your holiday home!

Jodi Ackermans La Tour Gites in Gascogne France wrote to us: "So happy to be listed on Werego Thank you!"

Sign up now and we will give you a 10 days starters bonus!

If you decide to buy direct 200 days you will receive also 50 days free!

Please note: We add these extra 50 days manually after payment! Therefore, you will not see this bonus directly. We add this bonus within 24 hours to your account.

Register here! It's easy and only takes a few minutes.

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